General Instruction

1. The school diary should be brought to school everday.

2. Everyday student must bring his/her books, copies and stationary to school according to the time table.

3. All students must come to school in proper uniform. They should be clean. Boy students, other than Sikhs are required to have short hair.

4. Girl students are not allowed to wear jewellery, cosmetics or nail polish. Long nails are not allowed.

5. Expensive watches, pens, etc. or large amount of cash should not be brought to school

6. All students are expected to be fair and honest at work and play. They should always be courteous and considerate towards the right of others.

7. They must keep the school and class rooms clean.

8. Students should not damage or disfigure the school property.

9. Individual students are not allowed to have parties in school.

10. Students are not allowed to bring their friends/relatives to school/school functions without written invitation/permission from the school authorities

11. Outside school, the students are expected to behave with dignity and decorum. They must not visit Restaurant/Club/Theatres, wearing school uniform unless taken by the school.

12. Students should park their bicycles at the parking stand only.

13. Leave application should be pre-sanctioned. The name of any student who remains absent from school without leave application for six consecutive days is liable to be struck off the rolls.

14. Students violating school rules will be punished. One or more of the disciplinary actions may be taken against him/her. Any persistent misconduct will lead to major action in turn and child may be asked to leave the school with immediate effect.

15. Mobiles are strictly prohibited for students.

16. Use of foul language or any act of violence may lead to suspension or expulsion.

17. Uniform entry in diary to be checked & updated.

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